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Online meetings are held every day at 3:00pm and 8:00pm EST. There is also a "candlelight meeting" every Saturday night at 11:59PM EST.

To find out when the NEXT meeting is in different worldwide timezones, click here

You can also type !nextmeeting into the chat to see how many hours until our next meeting.

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NACHATROOM.ORG - Self Support/Contribution Information

We had 190,000+ unique visitors in 2017, and we'd like to extend an invitation to other 12-step groups and fellowships so we can help reach even more than that. Effective March 2018, after 12 years in existence the NA Chatroom divested its chat platform and hosted servers into an "virtual clubhouse" called PTP Recovery Network.. We would like to provide a space for other online groups that want something similar to what we have, free of charge.

Hosting fees on Amazon Web Services average approximately $80 a month for every three year term (and are mostly paid through 2/2020, save for recurring bandwidth charges of $8-15 a month. This does include SSL certificates and hosting for the so-called "coffee clutch") and our three domains cost an average of [ $30 a year ] to renew but has in reality been much higher because they are now paid through the year 2025.

We got rid of Mibbit in 2017, which was $99 a year. The Kiwi replacement is free.

Security scanning from costs an additional [ $200 per year.] and is justified by prolonged periods of attacks/trolling/harassment some of you may remember. Contributions [ $461.65 USD in 2017 ] do not meet expenses but we will try our best to keep the lights on for you anyway. The group donated [ 22% ($100 USD) to NA World Services in 2017 ] and has contributed $600 USD to NAWS since its inception [ 2008-2009 | 2013 | 2014 | Latest ]

All proceeds go to operating expenses, the shortfall in income is paid for by donations from the moderator team. This does, however mean that the group IS fully self supporting through its own contributions. Effective 2018 Mike will be the group treasurer and post annual reports.

NACHATROOM.ORG - How do I donate?

NA Tradition Seven states: Every NA Group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

NACHATROOM.ORG does not accept contributions from non-members. Please do NOT donate if you do not identify as an addict, or you are NOT a regular chatter or trusted servant of NACHATROOM.ORG.

Donate via PayPal:

NACHATROOM.ORG - Ways to donate anonymously or directly to NA World Services.

Bitcoin address: 1AeCbdbAtBu4FXqbSfqqefJyvYtVM8KEzr
Bitcoin cash: 14ruj5gCwnWVDAX1yj3S1neN5AeGHuinEm
ETH address: 0xa4A1705A205153B648463A4CE2c12380ed715D6A
Litecoin address: LPBgApMrgoNJPssd85pwGyjrx5bywxvTZf

If you wish to contribute by check or money order please take a photocopy of the reverse (endorsement) side and include that with your letter to: NACHATROOM.ORG c/o Robert G 3824 Cedar Springs Rd #801-3616 Dallas TX 75219. The company who scans our mail does not scan the reverse side , so deposits cannot be processed without a photocopy of the reverse side of the check.

If you prefer to donate directly to NA/NA World Services as a "group contribution", please write "Donation from Group Number 3111205 NA Chatroom" on the face of the check and send it to NA World Services, PO Box 9999, Van Nuys CA 91409. NAWS will use contributions to produce literature and make sure the NA message gets carried throughout the world. You can be assured NAWS will only mark your donation as being from our group, 3111205, and they will never tell us who you are.

We would like to re-emphasize one more time that we are NOT "NA" and we are NOT "NA World Services." We are just one of 63,000+ local GROUPS of NA, meaning we are a group of addicts gathered together carrying the message of recovery and holding 15 meetings a week in the Narcotics Anonymous format. We are no different than the next group meeting in the park or your local church basement. We just have our group's meetings on the Internet, and there are surely costs associated with that.

Please visit NA.ORG to learn more about NA and NA World Services.

I want to quickly acknowledge that it isn't money or technology that keeps NACHATROOM.ORG alive. It's the people who come in and greet and welcome newcomers, it's the people who make this their "home" and keep the chat going.

It's the hundreds to thousands of hours of effort shared by our core membership.

We opened our doors as in 2006 and would like to thank untold numbers of you who came in here and sat down and listened to a newcomer and held that person's story in your hands with them.

We need you more than we need your money.

Any two or three addicts gathered together may call themselves an N.A. group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation. This website is not endorsed by any Narcotics Anonymous entity other than NACHATROOM.ORG.