Today's Meeting: The Language of Letting Go - 8:00 PM EST


This is the Main Lobby for NEVERALONECLUB.ORG. We do not pretend to offer anything but a supportive chatroom for addicts with a goal to get sober or to quit a specific drug. While our main focus is on those who use alcohol or other drugs in a way that is harmful to them, we also welcome those in recovery from compulsive behaviors and other manifestations of addiction. Recovery from drugs/alcohol comes before all other issues.


main lobby


Interrogating people about meeting attendance, clean time, or begging them to join AA/NA (etc) are not allowed, the room is to remain neutral towards recovery programs during open chat. Do not aggressively recruit for programs or harass those who choose -- or choose not to -- participate in a specific recovery program here.


This is a website where we support one another's recovery goals but do not make those goals FOR our visitors.


We reserve the right to immediately remove anyone who uses us as a punching bag.


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